Kendall Jenner’s Best Hairstyle, The Short One Is Our Favorite

Kendall Jenner's Best Hairstyle, The Short One Is Our Favorite 2

Like every women feels, hair is one of our best important element from our body. Kendall Jenner’s hair is a lot like my body. I think it’s the same from season to season, then I step on a scale and find out it’s wildly different. Kylie Jenner’s hair color may go from platinum blonde to seafoam green to navy blue faster than you can say “new Lip Kit launch,” but older sister Kendall’s look is nothing if not consistent. We got our first peek at Kendall’s new ‘do yesterday, when she appeared in the La Perla lingerie runway show at New York Fashion Week. The chin-length cut is the shortest we’ve seen the model’s hair.

In her app, Kendall told that the day after making the big chop, she went to one of her favorite restaurants to get breakfast and was photographed by a lone paparazzo walking in. “I think the combination of my new super short hair and my outfit — leggings and a Champion sweater — caused the mix-up. So funny, though.” The Kardashian-Jenner family resemblance is real.

So, which one is from this Kendall’s new hair look become your favorite? Mine love the one that brunette bold, it just fit for her.