50 Cool Black And White Tee Shirt Outfit, Copy The Style 51

50+ Cool Black And White Tee Shirt Outfit, Copy The Style

Today, we’re going to talk about t-shirts. In particular, I’m going to give you five tips so that you can look great every time you wear a t-shirt. People have asked me about t-shirts and write it out about this for a long time. And, me, personally, I feel it’s a trend that’s a bit overplayed. A lot of people when you look at their wardrobe, it’s nothing but t-shirts, so I resisted putting out that information because I felt polos, button-downs, sports jackets, there are so many other things you can use to cover your upper torso and look great. However, I know a lot of you especially in the hot weather especially in parts of the world where t-shirts are everywhere that you want to wear them.

So, tip number one for looking great in a t-shirt is to wear it when it’s appropriate. A t-shirt is always casual, it doesn’t matter if you spent $100 on that t-shirt maybe the nicest t-shirt in the world and it may look great you, but you know what? If you wear it to the wrong occasion to an event in which they actually had a dress code, let’s say a wedding and they said, you know, we’d like for you to share this day with us, everyone is going to be wearing suits they’re going to be wearing sports jackets, you show up in that great looking t-shirt, guess what guys? You look like a fool because you’re not showing respect to the bride and groom and you’re not dressing appropriately.

And that takes me to my final point number five, surround the shirt with style. What do I mean by this? I mean look at everything that you’re going to be wearing in this outfit and make sure that those items are a step up. So, let’s start with your shoes. I talked about this the other day, JL Rocha. Beautiful pair of dress boots, come from the combat design. They’ve got a nice rubber sole here, got a lot of traction. This is going to look great as your foundation. Then we move up, you bring in maybe a dark pair of denim. You upgrade, now, that light stonewashed stuff you’ve been wearing since 1990’s not go with something that fits your great and actually is a darker color.

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