Affordable Places to Stay in Batam

Looking for a place to stay while vacationing in Batam? Here are some recommended affordable places to stay in Batam. Grands I Hotel (USD72/night) – conveniently nearby Nagoya Hill Mall and Batam Centre Starting from USD72/night, Grands I Hotel is fantastic for travelers that consider convenience as an imperative. Other than being readily accessible from […]

5 Best Tourist Places in Bali to Spend New Year’s Eve

Celebrating the New Year in Bali among the renowned Bali beaches nightclubs, nightclubs, bars, and rooftops. These places permit you to make your own way to celebrate the New Year in different ways. You can party hard until the countdown for the New Year begins, or perhaps stay up late at most shore clubs. It’s […]

What To Wear To Work This Autumn, Try This 30 Ideas

Problem for almost women are we always don’t have enough clothes to wear. Can I hear an amen here? Hahaha. The key to a hardworking, great-looking office wardrobe isn’t that hard to figure out—in fact, it comes down to those simple, repeatable formulas you can lean on all season long. And for this favourite season of us […]

This 20 Nude Make Up Will Make You Natural Beauty

Have you ever heard about no make up make up trend nowadays? Yes, it comes so booming lately, since the booming of make up blogger or influencer try it. But do you know, the trend is on repeation, we love to called it nude make up actually.  Nude Makeup Look is ideal for women with sharp […]

Held Your Starry Night Wedding Party Theme 45 Ideas

It is incredibly romantic to hold your wedding under the twinkling light of the stars and soft glow of the moon, whether the light is from the night sky or artificially created. And, one of our favorite decoration ideas for vintage or rustic weddings is a starry night wedding theme. Starry night weddings is all about […]

How To Wear Denim Outer To Make It Cute and Perfect

We are sure there are a lot of denim fans out there. Without doing any research at all, we are confident to say that jeans are the most popular type of pants in the world. Besides jeans and denim jacket, there is actually something that is also made of denim but much less popular, the […]

25 Wonderful Statement Earrings To Make You Look Gorgeous

For some women, accessorize is not a must have item. Sometimes it may be the last thing in our mind to put it in our looks. Actually, a pair of gorgeous earrings or maybe a single one it depends on your mood, can negate bad hair days, and also make your looks more outstanding.  Just […]

25 Classic Fall Fashion Style Ideas

Are you ready for autumn in this year ladies? As always, autumn brings something warm and special to us. Start from the colour that relate with earth, brown, orange, green emerald, and grey. Personally, we really love autumn season, since it means the colour changing and winter is near.  For fashion, it has a very chic […]

Try This 24 Effortless French Braid Hairstyles

We absolutely adore every French Girl because they are being gorgeous effortlessly. Since we read a book tittle French Women Don’t Get Fat, we believe maybe they are coming from another dimension. Hahahaha … But believe me, it’s kinda every women dream for being gorgeous and sophisticated as French Girl, they do that such as like […]

How To Style For Gorgeous Office Style 30 Ideas

For every women, either they can dress properly in any moment or not, is one of the most important thing. Not everyday is a good day, but starting a day with a gorgeous outfit to seize it, it’s like a signal that we can make it that day with a glorious winning.  As we know, […]

30 Best Fashion Street Style, We Personally Love The Most

Have you ever think off, how lovely and growing so fast our fashion industry nowadays, because of inspiration that we got from fashion blogger. Starting their carrier maybe from their blog, capturing their daily street style and then spread to the world through internet. Fashion blogger already become one of a barometer for fashion, beside celebrities.  […]

Lovely Photo Shot From Bride With Her Flower Girl 30 Ideas

The most fun think in wedding is photo taking. Starting from bride and groom photo, bride with her bridesmaid, groom with his boys, family photo, bride and groom moment with their parents, pre-wedding photo, and don’t forget the most lovely part bride with her flower girl.  Flower girl, the little cute and most lovely one […]

30 Fantastic Anime Tattoo Ideas

Anime tattoos are very stunning, even though you don’t have to an anime fans to have this tattoo. One of the reason is because body art from anime is unique and amazing. It’s not so difficult to draw and of course it’s more easy for the tattoo artist. Several anime that very legend and booming […]

Amazing Tattoos That Will Make You Proud 30 Ideas

Everyone that has a tattoo, knows just how empowering and confidant they can make you feel. Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself. It is your body, your canvas and you choose what you put on it. You can showcase your interests. You can get a tattoo to help motivate or remind yourself of something […]

30 Best Short Hair Ideas, Pixie, Bob or Undercut Hair

Short haircuts are totally in at this moment. Regardless of your hair type, you’ll find here lots of superb short hairdos, including short wavy hairstyles, natural hairstyles for short hair, short pixie hairstyles and short hairstyles for thick or fine hair.  For some women, short hairstyles only ask a little effort both in term of […]

Wonderfull Dresses From Pallas Couture, 30 Wedding Dresses Ideas

Another wedding dresses inspiration. Still, we didn’t have enough for tons of wedding stuff, especially for wedding dresses. Our eyes on Pallas Couture right now. Accidently scrolling the internet and found lots of their design so gorgeous. We are so deeply in love with this brand.  We did some searching, and find that this brand founded […]

30 Inspiring Fox Tattoo Ideas, Choose One For Your Next Ink

Are you ready for your next ink? Lately we have been saw lots of beautiful fox tattoo design in internet. They are crafting so beautiful in this several person. Even the most cunning of foxes might be fooled into thinking that at least a few of these fox tattoos are in fact their living breathing […]

How To Get Perfect and Bigger Puppy Eyes Makeup

One of massive impact from K-Pop fever was, their artist always have a very big eyes, even though they eyes are small and turn down. They looks so lovely with their puppy eyes make up. Before going to far, we have to explain that puppy eyes, not to be mistaken for dog eyes, is another […]

30 Great Book Tattoo Ideas For Book Geeks Lover

Do you love books? Or do you love to read a book or maybe are you a writer? If you are someone that loves books maybe you want to represent your love for writing or just for books in general, then you could get a cool book tattoo.  Tattoo itself is a unique way to […]

Have This 20 Wonderful Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

Want to nail your ponytail hairstyle for this weekend? Here are we giving the best inspiration for you. But before we gave you those ideas, have you ever know the inspiration behind this kind of hairstyle ?  The ponytail itself has been around since beginning, just a staple hairstyle if your hair is long enough […]

25 Inspiring Fashion Outfit Ideas For Teenage

Feeling a little un-inspired by your closet? Get bored with your daily look? No worries, we are always happy to help you by getting you some inspiration that we gathered from any website. Today, we give you some July outfit inspiration. What outfit that you have to wear or maybe you want to make a new […]

20 Cute Bandana Hairstyles For Your Daily Hair

Bandana trend again this week. We saw girls posting about their bandana hairstyle in instagram lately. A bandana is also called a kerchief, known as a head scarf. Bandana hairstyle simple yet easy to do. Each only taking for several minutes to prepare this hairstyle and then you set ready to go. And did you know that […]

Romantic Rustic Wedding Decor, Try This 35 Ideas

We will never get enough for inspiring you for tons of rustic wedding ideas. As we know that wedding for bride and groom wanna be is a critical time, start from choose wedding theme, wedding dress, wedding decor, wedding invitation and many more detail.  But please do not worry, even you are in confusing time, […]

30 Wonderfull Tattoo For Women, Copy For Your Next Ink

Tattoos are more popular than they have ever been before, not only man, women nowadays also like love to get ink into their skin. And in this new era of tattoo artistry there has almost have no limit to what you can have inked onto our skin. Every once a week we spot a woman with […]

Welcoming July, Here Best 2018 Hair Colour Ideas For You

Although we are now in last month in June, yes half year of 2018 but it’s not a reason to us for not going to have something new everyday for ourself. If you are ready for a change, so you are in the right place. Today we want to give you some suggestion for your what […]

Get Your Nail Ready For This 4th July, 15+ Ideas

The best way to celebrate Independence Day is with fireworks, barbecues, star-spangled theme, good beer, good friends or family and don’t forget to make your fashion and looks on point. For women, instead of outfit, hair and beauty nail is one of the most important point to welcoming this big day. Although this three colour […]

Creative Lip Art Design, You Can Copy 20 Ideas

Nowadays, if you search in Instagram with heshtag #LipArt on Instagram, and you’ll be blown away by the hundreds of wildly imaginative and beautiful designs. Glittery designs, ombre, lifelike drawings of people and landscapes, Swarovski crystals and many more. There are no limit for all those Lip Art design creativity. And we do believe, while […]

25 Lovely The Little Prince Tattoo Ideas, You’ll Love This

The Little Prince is a classic. Even though it’s technically a children’s book, the messages in the short novel have always really resonated with adults. And as we know this book recorded in third place in the world’s best-selling book of all time. In front of that book are just the Bible, and “Capital” whose […]

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